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Wordle – The Absolute Best Starting Words


Welcome word enthusiasts and puzzle lovers! Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of Wordle? If you haven’t heard of it yet, prepare yourself for an addictive word-guessing game that will keep your brain buzzing and your vocabulary expanding.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this blog post is going to uncover the absolute best starting words in Wordle. Get ready to strategize like never before as we explore the fascinating realm of Wordle tactics and tips. So grab your thinking caps, sharpen those pencils (or keyboards), and let’s embark on a word-finding adventure unlike any other!

How To Play Wordle

Wordle has taken the world by storm, captivating word enthusiasts and puzzle lovers alike. If you haven’t jumped on the Wordle bandwagon yet, don’t worry! I’m here to guide you through how to play this addictive game.

To start, all you need is a little bit of time and a desire for some wordy fun. The objective is simple: guess the five-letter word that your opponent has chosen within six tries. You’ll enter your guesses and receive feedback in return. A green square indicates a correct letter in the right position, while a yellow square means you have guessed correctly but it’s not in the right spot.

Now comes the strategy part – choosing your starting word wisely can help set you up for success. Some players swear by starting with common vowels like “AEIOU,” while others prefer to mix things up with more unconventional choices.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, settle into a cozy spot, and let Wordle transport you into a world of words where every guess brings excitement and anticipation. Happy playing!

How Should We Think About Wordle Starting Word Strategies?

When it comes to playing Wordle, the first word you choose can set the tone for your entire game. It’s important to think strategically and consider different approaches when deciding on your starting word.

One strategy is to go with a common three-letter word as your starting point. This gives you a good foundation and allows for flexibility in building longer words. Another approach is to choose a longer word right off the bat, which can help narrow down the possibilities more quickly.

Some players prefer to start with a vowel-heavy word, as vowels are often easier to guess than consonants. Others believe that using a mix of vowels and consonants provides better balance and increases their chances of success.

The key is not getting too caught up in finding the “perfect” starting word but rather enjoying the process of discovery and problem-solving that Wordle offers. Embrace experimentation, be open-minded about different strategies, and most importantly, have fun!

So next time you sit down for a game of Wordle, take some time to ponder your starting word strategy but also allow room for spontaneity and creativity. Who knows? You might just stumble upon an unexpected winning combination!

What Is The Best Wordle Starting Word, Really?

One approach is to start with a word that has a good balance of vowels and consonants. This gives us more flexibility when it comes time to guess the hidden word. Words like “apple,” “table,” or “bunny” fit this criteria nicely.

Another strategy is to choose words that have commonly used letters. Think about which letters appear frequently in words – E, A, R, T, O, N – and try incorporating those into your starting word. Words like “heart,” “start,” or “toner” could be solid choices.

But ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer for the best starting word in Wordle. It all depends on your intuition and ability to think outside the box. So don’t be afraid to take risks and experiment with different combinations!

In the end though, remember that playing Wordle should always be about having fun! Don’t stress too much over finding the perfect starting word – enjoy the journey of unraveling each puzzle one guess at a time.

Should Your Wordle Start Word Have Lots Of Vowels?

When it comes to playing Wordle, everyone has their own strategies and preferences. Some players swear by starting with a word that has lots of vowels, while others believe consonants are the key to success. So, should your Wordle start word have lots of vowels? Well, let’s dive into this topic and explore both sides.

On one hand, having a word with lots of vowels can be advantageous because it increases your chances of hitting the right letters in the correct positions. Vowels are more common in the English language, so theoretically speaking, you have a higher probability of guessing correctly if you begin with a vowel-rich word.

However, on the other hand, relying solely on words with many vowels may limit your options. It could potentially narrow down the possibilities too quickly and make it harder for you to figure out which letters are correct or misplaced.

Remember that at its core, Wordle is meant to be enjoyable and fun! So don’t get too caught up in finding the perfect strategy or obsessing over every letter choice. Embrace the challenge and enjoy the process as you unravel each hidden word.

Don’t Forget To Have Fun While Playing Wordle

When it comes to playing Wordle, it’s important to remember one thing above all else: have fun! While it may seem like a simple game at first glance, the joy of Wordle lies in its ability to challenge and entertain players of all skill levels. So whether you’re a seasoned word aficionado or just starting out, don’t forget to embrace the sheer enjoyment that comes with each guess.

As you tackle those five-letter words with gusto, let yourself be immersed in the thrill of uncovering hidden letters and cracking the code. Remember, there’s no pressure here – this is your time to relax and engage with language in a playful way.

So how can you ensure that you’re having fun while playing? First and foremost, approach each new puzzle with an open mind. Don’t get too caught up in strategy or overthinking your guesses. Allow yourself to take risks and explore different possibilities without fear of failure.

Additionally, make sure to celebrate every small victory along the way! Even if your initial guesses don’t lead you straight to success, finding one correct letter can be incredibly satisfying. Embrace these moments as mini triumphs and use them as motivation for future rounds.

Remember that Wordle is ultimately a game meant for enjoyment. It’s not about being perfect or getting every answer right; rather, it’s about embracing the process and relishing in linguistic discovery. So go ahead – indulge your love for words and have a blast while doing so!


In the end, Wordle is a game that brings together word enthusiasts from all walks of life. It’s a fun and addictive way to challenge yourself and test your language skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s no denying the excitement that comes with each new puzzle.

But what is the absolute best starting word in Wordle? Well, it turns out there isn’t one definitive answer. The beauty of this game lies in its unpredictability. Each puzzle presents a unique set of letters that require careful thought and strategy.

So rather than obsessing over finding the “perfect” starting word, it’s important to approach Wordle with an open mind and a sense of adventure. Explore different combinations, experiment with vowels and consonants, and most importantly—have fun!

As you continue on your Wordle journey, embrace the highs and lows that come with it. Celebrate those moments when you guess correctly on your first try but also learn from those times when you stumble upon unexpected words by chance.

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